Social Work Student Events

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NASW invites all social work students and recent graduates to our student-focused series to enhance your skills and connect you with colleagues from across the country. NASW members and non-members are all welcome to attend. 

NASW student events are held on the third Thursday of each month from 6:00-7:30 pm ET.

Registration is free.

Upcoming Social Work Student Events

The Movement Towards Paid Social Work Field Placements

November 17, 2022
6:00-7:30 pm ET

Learn more about the movements for paid social work field placements across the United States, organizing at schools of social work, recent successes, and how you can get involved! Free for all!


  • Pilar Bonilla is an MSW student at Hunter College in NYC who is a member of the Social Work Equity Campaign (SWEC)
  • Matt Dargay is an MSW student at the University of Michigan, studying policy and political social work.  He is the founder of Payment for Placements (P4P), a nationwide organization devoted to expanding paid field placements opportunities, and is the Co-Chair Emeritus of the P4P chapter at the University of Michigan.  He is also the MSW Student Representative for the NASW-MI
  • Beth Wagner is an MSW student at the University of Texas, Austin and a member of Field Education and Development: Graduate and Undergraduate Placements (FED UP)

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Past Events for Students

Social Work Student Leadership and Organizing on Campus

October 20, 2022

Are you a BSW or MSW who is part of a student organization on campus? Has there been a transition in leadership as you start the fall semester? Wanting to learn ways to get involved in your school of social work?

Student leadership is essential for maximizing your collegiate experience! All social work students are invited to NASW's October free web series to network, explore opportunities for campus and community leadership, and learn strategies for making your student organization more efficient and engaging. Attendees will also hear directly from a panel of social work student leaders about their experiences and the impact of their involvement.

Replay coming soon

Impacting the 2022 Election: How Social Work Students Can Empower Voters

September 15, 2022

Get ready for the 2022 elections! Social workers understand from long experience that the key obstacles to social welfare are structural and systemic, enacted through social and economic policy. One key route to better policy is through better government, which mean electing the right leaders. Learn how to activate their communities, agencies, and clients towards the November elections and turn out the vote across the United States. Learn how to get involved, strategies for engagement, and efforts going on across the country.

Watch a recording of "Impacting the 2022 Election: How Social Work Students Can Empower Voters"

Managing Student Social Work Debt: What You Need to Know in 2022

August 18, 2022

Managing your student loans as a social worker comes with unique challenges. Many social workers have both undergraduate and post-graduate education, leading to more debt than for many other professionals. And a high percentage of social workers are employed in the public sector or in non-profit agencies. While this can often mean lower salaries than in the private sector, it also means potential benefits from the federal government for student loan repayment.

NASW has partnered with Savi, a student loan technology company, to provide our members with access to resources and expertise to better understand, manage, and repay student loan debt. This student series webinar will to provide up to date information from our partner SAVI on how you can lower your student loan payments and possibly qualify to have part of your student debt forgiven.

Watch a recording of "Managing Student Social Work Debt: What You Need to Know in 2022"

Watch Out! Risk and Liability Concerns for Students and New Professionals

July 18, 2022

Presenters: Betsy Cauble, Dina Larsen and Lonnie Ropp - NASW Assurance Services

What are the common ethical and liability risks social work students and new professionals find themselves in? Learn how to best protect yourself at the NASW Student Series,

Watch a recording of "Watch Out! Risk and Liability Concerns for Students and New Professionals

Clinical Job Hunting: Where to Begin

June 9, 2022

Presenters: Melissa Grudinski, LICSW, MLADC, Director of Clinical Services at PCS Counseling, and; Lynn Stanley, LICSW Executive Director of NASW New Hampshire chapter

Our June 2022 webinar will focus on preparing new social workers to find clinical jobs in 2022. Learn how to build your network while in school; where to look for your dream job; how the clinical job market has changed since COVID began; what new social workers should be looking for in a benefits package; tips on getting hired.

Watch a recording of "Clinical Job Hunting: Where to Begin"

An Introduction to the ASWB Exam: What New Social Workers Should Know

May 16, 2022

Presenter: Dawn Apgar, PhD, LSW, ACSW
Dr. Apgar has helped thousands of social workers across the country prepare for the examinations associated with all levels of licensure. She has taught in undergraduate and graduate social work programs and has extensive direct practice, policy, and management experience.

Note: This webinar is not intended as a licensure exam preparation course.

Webinar materials include:

Study resources:

Watch a recording of "An Introduction to the ASWB Exam"

What is a Social Work License and Why or Why Not is it Important?

April 21, 2022


  • Debra A Riggs (Virginia)
  • Joel L. Rubin, MSW, ACSW, LSW, CAE (Illinois)
  • Leanne Rupp, MSW, LCSW (Colorado)

Watch a recording of "What is a Social Work License and Why or Why Not is it Important?"

Social Work Month Student Town Hall

March 23, 2022
The NASW Student Engagement Series continues with a Social Work Month Student Town Hall. A panel of BSW and MSW students celebrate each other, network, and answer questions about your graduation and job search.

Watch a recording of the March 2022 Student Town Hall

Landing Your Dream Social Work Job

February 17, 2022
Learn best practices and tips for job searching, resumes, cover letters, and more with Michelle Woods, LMSW-Macro, MSW Student Career Services Director at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Watch a recording of "Landing Your Dream Social Work Job"

All Social Work is Macro Social Work: Exploring Non-Traditional Career Paths

December 13, 2021
Wondering what it looks like to be a macro social worker? Do you have questions about planning a macro social work career? In this webinar, a diverse panel of professionals with macro-level experiences explored non-traditional social work careers and provided an overview of what career paths exist, how to search for jobs, and more.

Hot Topics in Field Education

November 15, 2021
What are some of the biggest topics being discussed in your social work program? Racial justice? Political action? Unpaid internships? Social work ethics? This student-focused event featured a panel of social workers and students.

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